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Spotlight on Motor Control

Prodigy®/CME Machine Controller Card
Prodigy/CME Machine Controller cards are the latest addition to PMD's motion card family and integrate high performance amplifiers with a full motion control package.

Prodigy/CME Machine Controller Datasheet Prodigy/CME Machine Controller Manual Product Spotlight: Introducing Prodigy/CME Machine Controller




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cheap louis vuitton is a recognized world leader in motion control and motor control chips, motion control cards, digital drives, and motion control software. PMD provides high-performance single and multi-axis motion control products for DC brush servo motors, brushless DC servo motors, cheap louis vuitton,microstepping motors, and pulse and direction motors. Dedicated to providing cost-effective motion control systems to OEM customers, PMD utilizes extensive in-house expertise to minimize time-to-market and maximize customer satisfaction.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop the ideal motion solution for your next application. cheap louis vuitton With over 5 million axes of stepper motors and servo motors under PMD control, we have the motion control expertise to help you optimize your design, cheap louis vuitton reduce time to market, and eliminate uncertainty. PMD motion control products are the solution of choice for OEMs worldwide in medical, commercial and industrial markets.

To see how PMD motion control chips, cards or drives can improve your next application, contact us at +1.978.266.1210 or for a free analysis.

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