Our case studies provide detailed descriptions of PMD solutions for specific applications in healthcare, life sciences, semiconductor, robotics, and other industries.

Healthcare / Life Sciences

Centrifuge  HTML

Centrifuges require very high rotation speeds and often have a need for positioning.

Low Cost End Effector  HTML

End effectors used in medical automation, robotics, packaging, and materials handling applications demand excellent torque control, low cost, and versatility.

Peristaltic Pump Controller  HTML

High reliability, programmability, and precision velocity control are the keys to high-performance fluid handling.

Precision Fluid Handling  HTML

A detailed exploration of fluid handling’s two main challenges: moving fluid and moving fluid containers.

Add a 5th Axis To 4-axis Medical Sample Delivery System  HTML

Add an axis to a medical sample delivery machine with minimal development time and cost.

Blood Analyzer  HTML

PMD delivers coordinated, multi-axis motion for a compact tabletop clinical device.


Spin Coating  HTML | PDF

Accurate velocity contouring for precise control of coating thickness.

PID Pressure Control  HTML | PDF

Control the pressure of a reaction chamber using off-the-shelf ICs.


Microscope X-Y Stage Positioning  HTML | PDF

Maximizing speed, smoothness, and accuracy, while minimizing cost.

Pan & Tilt Camera Control  HTML | PDF

An off-the-shelf solution delivers high performance and ease of use, while controlling costs.

Automated Lighting Controller  HTML | PDF

A low-cost eight-axis motion controller that supports centralized synchronization and a mix of power levels.


Pick and Place  HTML | PDF

Create a motion architecture that simplifies programming, provides fast pick-and-place transfers, and supports multiple motor types.

Automatic Door Controller  HTML | PDF

Improve performance and reduce maintenance costs with an electronic motion control system.

All-in-one Machine Controller Board  HTML | PDF

A single board controller solution for automated equipment or instrumentation can lower per-unit cost and greatly simplify servicing.

Packaging Automation  HTML

A close look at packaging automation machines that dispense, seal, and label.

Configuration Dependent Indexing  HTML

An external motion controller can be used as an indexer in assembly systems with static or dynamic indexing configurations.

Automatic Product Labeler  HTML

Build a general-purpose labeler carriage that can be used with a variety of conveyor systems, product shapes, and assembly line mechanisms.

Web Tensioning  HTML

For the general purpose web tension controller, high-performance motion trace is the key.

Regenerative Braking  HTML | PDF

Recapture the energy from a vehicle's braking and downhill operation to recharge the vehicle's battery.