26 May 15:26

Outer Loop Control IC Released For Brushless DC and DC Brush Motors


06 May 12:06

PMD Customers Respond to Covid-19 Crisis


04 May 12:06

New PMD Distributor For Turkey


17 Mar 08:57

New Affordable ICs Deliver Advanced Velocity Control of Servo Motors


06 Dec 15:05

New Distributor for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Customers


02 Dec 16:07

4 Steps to Precisely Control Motor Velocity at Low Speed


08 Nov 14:47

Special Report — Robots in Motion: Innovations Move Forward


19 Jun 10:08

AI in packaging: Defining terms, assessing impact—Part 2


05 Jun 10:10

AI in packaging: Defining terms, assessing impact—Part 1


31 Jan 08:00

Featured Announcement

Performance Motion Devices Delivers IC for Velocity and Torque Control

The newest member of the Juno Motion Control IC Family now provides ultra-precise torque control for 3-phase Brushless DC and DC Brush motors with direct analog or SPI command input.


15 Oct 08:00

Healthcare Packaging Featured Article

Featured article in Healthcare Packaging.


12 Oct 05:00

Juno Gets Advanced Performance and Safety Features for Step Motor Control Systems

The latest addition to the Juno Motion Control IC Family now provides ultra-smooth, quiet motor operation with advanced current control and safety features specifically for step motors.


31 Jul 07:45

ATLAS Digital Amplifiers Expand Flexibility with New Communication Capabilities

Live at AACC 2018 in Chicago (2018), Performance Motion Devices announced the delivery on customer requests for additional motion control options.


10 Apr 18:52

Embedded Advisor Recognizes Performance Motion Devices

April 2018 - Performance Motion Devices a top 20 Medical Device Design & Solutions provider as awarded by Embedded Advisor is a special medical device issue. 

The medical device design ecosystem is filled to the brim with several solution providers, which makes it a very cumbersome process for a CIO to choose the right solution provider. To ease the decision-making for the CIOs, Embedded Advisor proves itself to be a guiding light in the medical device design industry. Our distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Embedded Advisor narrowed the final 20 providers that exhibit competence in delivering medical devices design and solutions.


31 Jan 06:00

Meet the Juno IC family.

You've never met this much power, control, and safety in a motion control IC this compact.

Say hi to a whole new level of performance.

Meet the Juno® family - our clan of powerful velocity and torque control ICs for Brushless DC, DC Brush, and step motors. Juno is the first family of compact motor control ICs to offer full four-quadrant control, a direct quadrature encoder input, profile generation, and advanced digital current control.