Atlas® Amplifier Developer Kits
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Atlas® Amplifier Developer Kits

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NOTE: If you’d like a Developer’s Kit shipped to a location outside of the U.S. or Canada, please contact us via phone or email.

Atlas® Digital Amplifier Developer Kits serve as an electrical and software design tool for building Atlas-based systems. Typically, an Atlas Developer Kit is used in conjunction with the DK58420 or DK58113. You may also want to consider a Machine Controller Developer Kit for multi-axis development.

What it includes:

  • Atlas® Digital Amplifier configured for motor type
  • Development software USB, User Guide, and Atlas documentation
    • Software
      • Pro-Motion
      • Magellan SDK CD
    • Manuals
      • Atlas Digital Amplifier Complete Technical Reference
      • Atlas User Guide
      • Pro-Motion User Manual
  • Complete cable and prototyping connector set and accessories
    • Shielded DB9 cable – 1 ft
    • Jack-screw connectors to DC power input and motor output

What you need to supply:

  • Personal computer
    • Pentium or better, one available PCI slot, 200 MB of available disk space, 256 MB of available RAM, and a USB port. The PC operating system required is Windows 7.
  • Brushless DC, step motor, or DC Brush motor type (the motor type should match the specified Atlas Amplifier motor type).
    • Recommended motor size limits
      • Brushless DC – 750 W
      • DC Brush – 575 W
      • Step – 540 W
  • DC power supply (recommend 24 Volt and 10 Amp, but the kit will support 12V to 56V).
  • For full encoder feedback and position control, consider using a companion positioning IC Developer Kit such as the DK58113 (for prototyping single-axis systems) or the DK58420 (for prototyping 2-, 3-, or 4-axis systems).

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