ION 3000 Drive Developer Kits
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ION 3000 Drive Developer Kits

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NOTE: If you’d like a Developer’s Kit shipped to a location outside of the U.S. or Canada, please contact us via phone or email.

ION 3000 Developer Kits serve as an electrical and software design tool for building control systems with PMD's ION 3000 family of digital drives.

ION 3000s are versatile and high-performance single-axis motion control drives that integrate profiling, servo control, and amplification in a compact module format. IONs support RS232, RS485 serial, and CAN bus communications along with numerous other features.

What it includes:

  • Specific ION Module
  • Development software USB, User Guide, and ION documentation
    • Software
      • Pro-Motion
      • Magellan SDK CD
    • Manuals
      • ION Digital Drive User Guide
      • Magellan Motion Control IC User Guide
      • Magellan Motion Control IC Programmer Command Reference
      • Pro-Motion User Manual
  • Complete cable and prototyping connector set and accessories
    • Communications cable (CAN bus or serial, depending on specific model ordered)
    • CAN bus terminator (CAN bus version only)
    • Stub cable set – a complete set of cables with matching ION connectors on one end and flying leads on the other
    • USB to DB9 RS232 adapter

What you need to supply:

  • A PC-based host controller.
    • Pentium or better, one available PCI slot, 200 MB of available disk space, 256 MB of available RAM, and a USB port. The PC operating system required is Windows 7.
  • For RS485 or CAN bus communications, a PCI board, PCMCIA board, or USB adapter (supporting that communications standard) connected to the PC.
  • Mounting hardware to attach the ION module to your cabinet or system.
  • Limit switches and other motion peripherals as required for the application.
  • Brushless DC, step motor, or DC Brush motor (should match the motor type of the selected ION).
    • Recommended motor size limits
      • Brushless DC – 2,336 W
      • DC Brushed – 2,700 W
      • Step – 1,310 W
  • DC power supply (recommend no more than 195 Volt and 15 Amp, but the kit will support 20V to 195V).
  • Cables – either the stub cable set that comes with ION Developer’s Kit or custom cables designed for your system.

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