Motion control at its core.

Discover how PMD's world-class motion control ICs, modules, and boards increase performance, improve reliability, and get your products to market faster.

IC-Based motion control is at the core of every PMD product.

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At the core of every PMD product is an advanced motion control IC that speaks C-Motion, our powerful and easy-to-use motion programming language.
Performance Motion Devices gives you a uniquely broad choice of motion control products from ICs to modules to boards.

All of our products are already used in numerous top-tier FDA-approved devices.

Motion control at its core.

Performance Motion Devices, Inc. (PMD) was founded in 1992 on a simple but powerful idea: high-performance motion control on an IC. We are a world leader in motion control technology for life sciences, robotics, and industrial automation. PMD delivers a broad range of advanced motion control products including integrated circuits, modules, and boards to a worldwide customer base.

Learn more about the core advantages that PMD's motion system brings to OEMs and machine designers, and explore the industries and applications that PMD provides ready-to-go solutions for.

Make the most of your machine and robotics design projects

Closed Loop Stepper Servo Control

Closed Loop Steppers Drive New Motion Control Applications

This paper discusses an advanced control technique called closed loop stepper. This motion control technique is finding wide adoption in a range of cost-sensitive industrial applications.

Multi-Axis Motion Control Chipset

Multi-Axis Motion Control Chipset Provides Profile Generation and More

Our Magellan MC58000 and MC55000 ICs provide advanced control for medical, industrial, and robotic applications. Available in 1-4 axes versions, these flexible, programmable ICs control servo and step motors.
Build vs Buy Motion Controller

Build vs Buy Of A Three Axis Motion Controller

This paper looks at building vs buying a three axis PCB-based positioning motion controller. It examines the motion control design effort and cost.

Single Axis Motion Controller

Single Axis Motion Control IC Provides Profile Generation, Servo Control, and Advanced Current Control

MC58113 single-axis motion control ICs provide trajectory profile generation, programmable breakpoints, advanced performance trace, and many other motion control functions.

Motor Controller with Small Form Factor

Introducing ION/CME N-Series Digital Drives On-Demand

In case you missed the live event, replay the on-demand version of our popular 30-minute webinar that introduces you to the major capabilities and benefits of the N-Series ION.

Robot End Grippers

Force Control in Actuators and Robot End Effectors

Specific servo actuators function as end effectors and are often mounted on transport systems such as robotic arms and gantries. This paper details the capabilities and properties that will ...