Mobile robots are used in many commercial industries, including manufacturing, warehouses and distribution centers, construction, healthcare, hospitality, security, even ocean and space exploration. The essential functions of a mobile robot include the ability to move and explore, transport payloads, and complete complex tasks using an onboard system, like robotic arms. PMD ICs, modules, and boards provide the highly precise and reliable motion control solutions that meet the safety and performance demands of mobile robotics designs.

Motion Applications Used In Mobile Robotics Design Systems

CAM Profiling

A general purpose motion technique utilizing a pre-stored look-up table of desired positions driven by an incoming command encoder datastream.

Indexer Control

General purpose devices that operate in the vertical dimension and form the basis of storage and retrieval systems as well devices such as Semiconductor SMIF-pod access systems.

Robotic Gripper Control

Control methods associated with getting a robotic 'hand' to grip an object safely - applying neither too much or too little force.

Robotic Wheel Drive

Controlling wheels used to propel robotic devices such as warehouse robotics, rovers, agricultural robots, robotic lawn mowers and a wide array of mobile devices.


ISO Certified and Designed for FDA-Approved Equipment

PMD is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified. We deliver the quality, safety and long-term availability demanded by healthcare and life sciences applications.

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