Performance Motion Devices, Inc. (PMD Corp.) was founded in 1992 on a simple but powerful idea: high-performance motion control on an IC. Our breakthrough product paired the advantages of IC packaging with sophisticated PC-based motion control functions previously available only from Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). This advanced motion control technology eliminated the need for product developers to build their own motion software from scratch and offered unprecedented design and packaging flexibility.

Today, PMD Corp. provides a full line of high-performance motion control solutions for single and multi-axis motion control of servo and step motors. Our products include positioning and motion control ICs (integrated circuits), digital amplifiers and drives, and motor control boards—all with easy to understand C-based source code built in. What’s more, our robust Developer Kits will speed product prototyping with concurrent software and hardware development. OEMs and engineering teams worldwide trust PMD Corp. when they design and build precision motion control robotics and automation systems.


Performance Motion Devices is founded on a simple, but powerful concept:


Get to market faster, and stay there.

Our focus is to provide products that help you design and develop automation and robotic solutions faster and smarter.

  • Design Faster Using Superior Software and Development Kits

    No more building firmware from scratch or trying to memorize cryptic commands. Our intuitive development software reduces setup time from days to hours. Design is fast and easy with sample schematics and Developer Kits that let you develop system software and motion hardware in parallel.

  • Use One Common Motion Architecture

    With our Common Motion Architecture, you use one motion language and compatible hardware for all your development work—across multiple machine designs. That means faster development, less cost, and less risk.

  • Stay In The Lead With Proven Performance and Long-term Availability

    Our preprogrammed motion ICs are core components in FDA-, 501k-, and CE-approved products. You can count on delivering high-performance products that are reliable and of high quality. What's more, we'll keep you in production over the long term. Today, we still stock ICs for 20-year-old designs.

Not just products, but long-term product success.

Our passion for excellence lives, not just in our innovative motion control products, but in the service, support, reliability and long-term product availability we offer. We provide phone, remote log-in, and on-site support, as well as board design and electrical schematic reviews, custom development services, and more.

With PMD Corp, you can lock in your specific version of any motion control IC, which will protect your product design from undesired changes for years to come. We currently provide many longstanding customers with “legacy ICs” product and support services that allow them to continue producing devices first brought to market more than 20 years ago.

The Platform of Choice in Healthcare and Life sciences

Today, Performance Motion Devices technology controls more than six million motors worldwide. We provide advanced motion control solutions to some of the world’s largest manufacturers of medical systems and lab automation tools. What's more, OEMs worldwide depend on our embedded motion solutions for building in safety and stability features.

To stay on the leading edge of our industry, we invest liberally in our technology and people.  We continue to produce new ICs, digital amplifiers, boards and digital control drives that deliver increasingly extensive instruction sets, faster communication speeds, and greater functionality—in ever smaller packages.

"Performance Motion Devices has consistently supported us – customizing their technology and implementing design changes to address our requirements – through several generations of products."

-Dr. Lubo Kostov, President, Logosol, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA