Digital Amplifiers
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Solder High Performance and Safety Right Onto Your Control Board

Looking for high power output functionality with an advanced digital current loop and amplification, in an ultra-compact module? Performance Motion Devices' solderable drive and digital amplifier circuits are your turnkey solution.

A small footprint and robust motion control features provide maximum packaging and design flexibility. High-efficiency FETs in the digital amplifier stage allow for incredibly low heat generation and ultra-compact packaging. And digital checksum functionality enables your device to respond safely and intelligently to invalid or random inputs – dangers against which conventional analog drives offer no protection. PMD Corp's digital amplifier circuits include:

  • Atlas®: The ultra-compact single-axis high-performance amplifier that provices high-performance torque control for brushless DC, DC brush and step motors.
Atlas Digital Amplifier
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The ultra-compact Atlas® Digital Amplifier provides single-axis high-performance torque control of Brushless DC, DC Brush and Step motors. Use it for direct control of motor torque or in conjunction with higher-level controllers for velocity or positioning applications.

With a total power output of up to 1 kilowatt and the size of a matchbox, the Atlas Digital Amplifier circuit is ideal for lab automation, healthcare products manufacturing, scientific instruments, general purpose motion control, HVAC, fan and pump controllers, and industrial motor control applications.

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Get a head start on your prototype, with: Atlas Amplifier Developer Kit