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Whether you’re a Performance Motion Devices customer or a first-time visitor to our site, we’re here to talk with you about your engineering challenges and how we can help.  We provide support for up-front motion consultation, schematic reviews, software and tuning assistance, and other problems you might run into.

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If you are an equipment maker, designer, or OEM, we provide technical information and support during business hours – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm US ET. Please email or call us at +1-978-266-1210

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If you are a Contract Manufacturer for one of our OEM customers, we provide support via email to

"Any time I’ve ever had a problem, I get a response within a couple of hours, at most. And if it isn’t the answer, it’s that they’re working on it."

~ OEM for the Semiconductor Industry

Solve Your Motion Control Challenge With PMD

Optimize Syringe Dispensing

Controlling the amount of liquid deposited is critical in applications where there are “Keep-Out-Zones.” Read how using a closed loop step motor control architecture delivers motion accuracy.

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Motion Controller Design Architectures

This deep dive provides a detailed look at design choices for building a machine controller that provides high-performance precision motion control.

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Improve Liquid Handling Throughput

Implement a high-speed motion system on a Liquid Handling gantry that is aware of system clearances so that it can start an X/Y move, while a Z-axis move is still ongoing.

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