Since 1992, Performance Motion Devices has helped companies meet a diverse array of motion control challenges across multiple industries and applications.

We are the product provider of choice for motion control in medical and life sciences applications, and our customers are some of the largest manufacturers of automation and robotics equipment in the world. We run motors in 3D printers and nano-position stages, robotic surgery systems, radio-telescopes, and semiconductor capital equipment.

PMD delivers the ultra-high levels of stability, reliability, and long-term availability demanded by FDA-approved healthcare and life sciences applications. We also provide the speed, smoothness, and precision crucial to applications in semiconductor, robotics, 3D printing, and other industries.

"We were able to bring systems up quickly, speed to prototype, and then, obviously, the quality of the motion... [was] second to none."

~ Senior Engineering Manager, Surgical and Medical Instrument OEM

Industries powered by our motion control ICs, modules, and boards.

Solve Your Motion Control Challenge With PMD

Achieve 2X Faster Development

For many OEMs, there's no business case for do-it-yourself motion control systems. Discover how to bring your designs to market faster, and stay there.

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The Next Frontier for Medical Device Motion Controllers

Miniaturization allows a range of medical devices to be both portable and battery-powered. But, what is the next big frontier for motion controllers? Get insight from 4 motion control experts in this webinar hosted by IEEE Engineering360 and sponsored by PMD.

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Motion Controller Design Architectures

This deep dive provides a detailed look at design choices for building a machine controller that provides precision motion control.

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