Motion Controal At Its Core

Motion Control At Its core

At the core of every PMD product is a motion control IC that speaks C-Motion, our powerful and easy-to-use motion programming language. With PMD you use a single platform for all your motion development. This helps you streamline your engineering cycles and reduce the time required to build new applications.

Because all PMD products speak the same language, you can start your machine development process with one of our Developer Kits, ION Digital Drives, or Prodigy Motion Boards. This lets you get out of the gate quickly, developing software and exercising your mechanics. If you plan to design a custom control board for your application this development can go on in parallel.

When the time comes to switch the control system from PMD's Developer Kit to your newly created control board, no new software development is needed. Because everything has the same motion control IC at its core everything talks C-Motion, PMD's motion application language. That's the power of motion control at its core.


"Relying on Performance Motion Devices hardware and motion expertise …  We designed a lower-cost and more powerful motion controller for our holmium laser-based system used in vision correction."

~ Satish, Engineering Program Manager, Sunrise Technologies, Fremont, CA

Range of Products

Range of Products

Performance Motion Devices gives you a uniquely broad choice of motion control products, from ICs to modules to boards, in power ranges from 75W to over 1KW, and for Brushless DC, DC Brush, and Step motors.

While our ultra-advanced Magellan and Juno motion control ICs give you the power to build your own embedded control boards, many PMD customers also work with our plug and play products such as the ION Digital Drives, Atlas Digital Amplifiers, or our Prodigy Motion Control Boards.

Whatever PMD products you work with, motion control at its core means you are guaranteed motion language compatibility. Every PMD module and board contains the exact same motion control ICs you can design with directly on your own embedded board.


"PMD has … allowed us to build and expand into the mid-level of the 3D printing marketplace."

~ Senior Software Engineer, Commercial 3D Printer Manufacturer


Uncompromising Performance

PMD has been a pioneer in the development of motion control technology. We were the first company to offer an integrated single-axis positioning control IC (the MC58113 IC) that provides field-oriented control at 20 kHz for Brushless DC and Step motors, the first company to provide software selectable motor type, and the first company to provide fully enclosed PCB-mounted digital amplifiers that can drive more than 500 watts.

What does this legacy of innovation mean to you? It means your motors will spin quietly and efficiently, it means your point-to-point moves will be incredibly fast, and it means your motion solutions can be remarkably compact.


“The designs are simple and straightforward...that’s an important piece of information for someone that doesn’t have a history with PMD.”

~ Steve, PerkinElmer, Waltham MA

Safety and FDA Approval

FDA Approval and Safety

Performance Motion Devices motion control ICs were first used in an FDA-approved device in 1997, more than twenty years ago. Since that time we have worked with some of the largest manufacturers of medical devices, patient treatment machines, and laboratory equipment in the world.

If your goal is to obtain FDA approval or if you want to engineer additional precautions into your applications, Performance Motion Devices is the motion control partner of choice.


“Relying on PMD we designed a lower-cost, more powerful motion controller…”

~ Engineering Program Manager

Lock-in Version

Long Term Availability

PMD knows that you will invest years getting your new machine design through approvals, bringing it to market, and keeping it there. You don’t need production suddenly halted by the IC provider. PMD has been providing solutions to OEMs since 1992. We understand your long-term needs and how to support them.

As a PMD customer, you can lock-in your version of any of our motion control ICs. We can ensure long-term availability so you can maintain the long-term viability of your product. In fact, we still provide products, services, and support for customers who designed our first-generation motion control ICs into their equipment more than 20 years ago.


"Pro-Motion is easy to learn, intuitive, and the API commands are sufficiently powerful. Our customers are impressed when we can troubleshoot and verify what the system is supposed to be doing against what it’s actually doing.”

~ Pablo, Senior Director of Engineering, Crossing Automation, Fremont, CA

Motion Control Development Tools

Development Tools

PMD offers an extensive selection of Developer Kits for our ICs, modules, and boards, each of which come with powerful and easy-to-use software development tools. Pro-Motion® is our Windows-based exerciser and data capture program that offers ready-to-go capabilities for your entire development team.

PMD's common motion language that operates with both its Magellan and Juno IC families is the powerful and easy-to-use C-Motion Language. C-Motion® is a C-based language that has a compact yet powerful library of callable routines. Most users find that they are writing productive code with C-Motion in just a single afternoon session.


"Without PMD's complete motion code, experience, and support, it would have taken us at least two years to develop a similar solution."

~ Neil, Engineer, Micro-Vu Corporation, Windsor, CA

Motion Control Partner

Your Partner In Motion Control

Today, Performance Motion Devices technology controls more than six million motors worldwide. We provide advanced motion control solutions to some of the world’s largest manufacturers of medical systems, lab automation, semiconductor equipment, and industrial automation. To stay on the leading edge, we invest heavily in new motion control technology, and in our most important resource which is talented and dedicated engineers.

We understand that for many of our customers, motion control is a means to an end rather than the core purpose of their machine. Choosing PMD as your motion control partner lets you focus on the innovations in chemistry, optics, and physics that will drive your company's success in the marketplace.

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