Performance Motion Devices’ full line of advanced motion control solutions provides multi-axis motion control for Brushless DC Motors, Step Motors, DC Step Motors, and DC Brush Motors. 

With Performance Motion Devices you will enjoy a single platform for all of your motion control software development – using a common language and compatible software and hardware common motion architecture. Our line of high-performance motion control ICs,  motion control boards, digital amplifier circuits and digital drives for motors offers our customers a wide range of motion control options while providing unparalleled flexibility and packaging benefits. OEMs and engineering teams worldwide trust our products when they are designing and building high-speed motion control robots and lab automation systems.

What's more, using PMD Corp products will speed product prototyping with concurrent software and hardware development – transferring a finished solution, developed using one of our Software Developer Kits, to your own custom board that has an embedded PMD Corp motion control IC. Our Developer Kits include hardware and software tools that can be used to easily spin up a test platform to exercise and validate your design.

Faster Motion Control Application Development Time

Using Performance Motion Devices motion control circuits and development support tools, you will significantly reduce design time and risk.

Speed Robotics Design and Development Time

To learn more about how our Developer Kits and full line of motion control solutions can accelerate your time to market, contact us. We'd love to hear about your next motion control project.