Performance Motion Devices’ full line of advanced motion control solutions provides single and multi-axis motion control for Brushless DC, DC Brush, and Step motors.  Our  motion control ICs,  boardsdigital amplifiers, and digital drives give our customers a wide range of solutions while providing unparalleled packaging flexibility.

With PMD you have access to a single family of motion control products that have our world leading motion control ICs at their core, and which all speak our powerful and easy-to-use language, C-Motion®. OEMs and engineering teams worldwide rely on our components to build automation and machinery with the highest performance, the highest reliability, and the lowest cost.

Learn more about the core advantages that PMD's motion system brings to OEMs and machine designers, and explore the industries and applications that PMD provides ready-to-go solutions for.

"Relying on Performance Motion Devices hardware and motion expertise …  We designed a lower-cost and more powerful motion controller for our holmium laser-based system used in vision correction."

~ Satish, Engineering Program Manager, Fremont CA

Industries powered by our motion control ICs, modules, and boards.

Make the most of your machine and robotics design projects


Improve Liquid Handling Robot Throughput with Direct Path Planning

Understand how to implement a high-speed motion system on a Liquid Handling gantry that is aware of system clearances so that it can start an X/Y move, while a Z-axis move is still ongoing. Improve move times by 25% over conventional coordinated moves.

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Faster Development Time

Get to Market Faster, and Stay There Using Advanced Motion Control Solutions

Do you need to develop off-the-shelf or custom multi-axis motion control solutions for Brushless DC, DC Brush, and step motors? Our ICs and boards come with easy-to-use development tools that help get your motor running in hours not days.

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Motion Control Technology Trends for Medical Applications

Here we look at four important trends in motion control technology for applications involving medical and laboratory equipment. Underlying all four trends are rapid and radical changes in the cost of computing power and amplifier electronics.

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