Motion control technology is the backbone of modern industrial equipment design, enhancing productivity, reducing human error, and opening the door to advanced automation and innovation. In industrial settings, precise motion control systems ensure consistent and accurate automation of production processes, accelerating throughput while reducing defects and waste. Precision motion control is vital for the packaging, food and beverage, plastics, machine tools, metal cutting, textile industries, and others. In fact, motion control is at the core of industrial robotics, where precise motion is essential for various positioning, cutting, and movement activities. PMD’s wide range of products, including ICs, modules, and boards, excel at high-precision position, velocity, and torque control. Our motion control portfolio is uniquely designed to help you create the high-performance, reliable, and scalable industrial machines that drive your business forward.

Motion Applications Used In Industrial Design Systems

Gantry Control

Mechanical devices that move orthogonally in three dimensions.

CAM Profiling

A general purpose motion technique utilizing a pre-stored look-up table of desired positions driven by an incoming command encoder datastream.

Indexer Control

General purpose devices that operate in the vertical dimension and form the basis of storage and retrieval systems as well devices such as Semiconductor SMIF-pod access systems.

Pan & Tilt Pointing

Motion control of a mechanical system that can ‘pan’ (rotate around a vertical axis) and tilt (rotate around a horizontal axis).

Robotic Gripper Control

Control methods associated with getting a robotic 'hand' to grip an object safely - applying neither too much or too little force.

Robotic Wheel Drive

Controlling wheels used to propel robotic devices such as warehouse robotics, rovers, agricultural robots, robotic lawn mowers and a wide array of mobile devices.


ISO Certified and Designed for FDA-Approved Equipment

PMD is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified. We deliver the quality, safety and long-term availability demanded by healthcare and life sciences applications.

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