Do you need to develop off-the-shelf or custom multi-axis motion control solutions for Brushless DC, DC Brush, and step motors?

Performance Motion Devices leverages decades of experience and innovation to provide high-performance, reliable motion control solutions for customers across the globe and from a wide range of industries.

We deliver world-class motion control ICs that will take your machine to the next level of performance. Our cost effective and easy-to-use motion control products are ideal for machine designs that require advanced position, velocity, and torque control. With PMD you have access to a single family of IC-based motion control products that all speak one powerful and easy-to-use language, our award winning C-Motion® language.

OEMs and engineering teams worldwide rely on PMD products to create automated machinery with the highest performance, the highest reliability, and the lowest cost. With over twenty years of experience designing motion control integrated circuits, see why PMD is the world-wide provider of choice for medical, scientific, robotic, and general automation applications.

Motion control at its core.

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"[Performance Motion Devices has] consistently allowed me to produce a product result for my company that has exceeded our expectations."

~ Senior Software Engineer

Meet our motion control ICs

Meet our high-performance motion control ICs


Magallen MC58113, MC55000, and MC58000 Family

Flexible multi-axis positioning IC family that deliver precision, speed and reliability.


Juno MC78113 and Other Families

Compact velocity and torque IC family with advanced current control.

No. of Axis

1, 2, 3, 4 +


Motor Types

Brushless DC
DC Brush

Brushless DC
DC Brush


144-pin TQFP
100-pin TQFP

64-pin TQFP
56-pin VQFN

Easy-to-understand motion language

Discover a better way to ensure consistency across machine designs. Our common motion architecture includes a motion language that is easy-to-grasp and has a library of over 250 commands. It delivers quick, standardized access to motor controls without having to use a full-fledged programming language like C+.

Built-in safety features

Data trace/diagnostics

Overcurrent detect &
over/undervoltage detect


Torque/current control

Comprehensive documentation

Pulse and direction

On-the-fly changes

Field-oriented control (FOC)

Developer Tools

Position control


Complex profile generation


Trapazoidal profiling


S-curve profiling


Electronic gearing


Velocity control


All of our integrated circuits come with easy-to-use Pro-Motion® development software and our C-Motion® language and source code which will help you get your motors moving quickly. What's more, our Developer Kits, come complete with ICs, boards, cables, development tools, and documentation which makes completing your design prototype fast and efficient.

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Make the most of your machine and robotics design projects

Select the right motor

Before selecting the best motor, or motors, for your design project, take time to understand what kind of positioning controls and functionality you need.

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Improve liquid handling

Read how we have implemented a high-speed motion system on a liquid handling robot gantry that improves 25% to 50% robot throughput.

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Reduce step motor noise

Learn how step motors controlled with a digital current loop will be significantly quieter, run faster, and have lower operating temperatures.

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Stay ahead of the competition.

Stay ahead of the competition.

If your existing equipment needs a performance boost or if you need to develop a new product in the shortest development time possible, learn about the core advantages of using motion control solutions from Performance Motion Devices.

  • High-performance motion control ICs, modules, and boards
  • Easy-to-use motion control development tools
  • A single common motion language
  • Easy to implement
  • Always supported

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