Same motion solutions across designs

Common Motion Architecture

Performance Motion Devices common motion architecture enables faster learning, staffing flexibility, and accelerated product development.

With Performance Motion Devices, you use a single platform for all your motion development work – with a common language and compatible software and hardware. This helps you streamline your engineering cycles and reduce the learning required for new applications. Over time, you’ll standardize motion across all of your designs and machines, enabling you to shift personnel from project to project and machine to machine, as schedules demand.

You’ll also speed up product prototyping with concurrent software and hardware development. With common motion architecture, transferring a finished solution developed on a PMD Corp Developer Kit board to your own custom board with an embedded motion control IC is quick and seamless.

The choice for medical device OEMs
FDA Approval and Safety


Developing a product that requires FDA approval? Performance Motion Devices can help reduce the likelihood of trouble down the road. Our motion control products are already core components in existing FDA-approved equipment manufactured by our customers.

Digital checksum functionality makes our products inherently safe and allows them to respond intelligently to potential dangers, such as invalid or random inputs – against which conventional analog drives offer no protection. If you are concerned about obtaining FDA approval or want to engineer additional precautions into your applications, Performance Motion Devices is the safe choice.

Always supported


You may invest years in getting through approvals, bringing a product to market, and keeping it there. You don’t need production suddenly halted by IC availability problems. Performance Motion Devices has been providing solutions to OEMs since 1992. We understand your long-term needs and how to support them.

As a PMD Corp customer, you can “lock in” your version of any of our motion control ICs. We can ensure long-term availability so you can maintain the long-term viability of your product. As a matter of fact, we still provide products, service, and support for customers who designed our ICs into their motion control equipment more than 20 years ago.

"Performance Motion Devices' motion knowledge enabled us to drive our products through successful development and testing phases, ultimately delivering optimum system performance."

~ Robert, Project Engineer, System Electronics, Modena, Italy

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