Using a PMD Corp. Developer Kit, you can start spinning motors and developing your prototype in minutes. Our intuitive Pro-Motion® development software makes motor setup, profile entry, and tuning simple and easy. And Performance Motion Devices motion control ICs, the only turnkey motion ICs on the market today, eliminate the need to build your own motion software from scratch.

With our common motion architecture, software and hardware development can be done in parallel. With one language, and compatible ICs and motor control boards, transferring a finished solution from a Performance Motion Devices' board to your own motion board, based on a PMD Corp. IC .is fast and easy.

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Want to use a step motor to reduce costs? Need to use a Brushless DC  motor to boost performance?

No problem. A Performance Motion Devices IC controls multiple motor types, and changing motors takes mere seconds.

When it’s time to scale down your design, we deliver the smallest footprint in the industry. You can easily transfer your whole solution from a prototype board-level design to a production embedded IC, for maximum design flexibility.

What's more, you will achieve 2X faster development time using our easy-to-use Developer Kits

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With more than six million motors controlled worldwide, Performance Motion Devices can help you meet your unique challenges with proven products, deep experience, and the latest technology. With extensive support, as well as custom development services when you need them, we can help you through ordinary and extraordinary motion control challenges.

When you rely on our advanced motion control solutions, you will get to market faster, and stay there!

"[Performance Motion Devices has] consistently allowed me to produce a product result for my company that has exceeded … expectations…"

-Senior software engineer, commercial 3D printing