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Pan & Tilt Pointing

~ Performance Motion Devices

Pan & tilt pointing means motion control of a mechanical system that can ‘pan’ (rotate around a vertical axis) and tilt (rotate around a horizontal axis). There are a large variety of machines that use a pan & tilt pointing mechanism including security cameras, laser pointing systems, fire control systems, film production equipment, radar control systems, and more.

In this Motion Application:

  • Explore Design Considerations & Techniques
    Pan & tilt mechanisms share one main thing in common: the nature of the motion itself with one axis rotating around a vertical axis and the other rotating around a horizontal axis. After that the similarities end with the motor types and control systems employed varying significantly depending on the end application.

  • Examine Application Architecture
    A diagram shows the control flow for one axis of a servo-based pan & tilt motion controller. Because the pan and the tilt motion axes do not directly interact the controller consists of two such control setups, one for the pan axis, one for tilt.

  • View Motion Control Solutions
    Since 1994 Performance Motion Devices products have been used in a wide range of pan & tilt pointing applications including security cameras, laser pointing systems, antenna pointing, and more. PMD’s MC58113 and MC58000 Magellan Motion Control ICs are ideally suited for use in pan & tilt position controllers as are PMD’s N-Series ION Drives.

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