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Build vs Buy, Single-axis ICs, Digital Current Loops, and more

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The April 2022 edition of Motion Control News includes the most recent PMD news, resources, and announcements. Featured in this edition:

  • Build vs Buy Of A Three-Axis Motion Controller 
    In this paper we will look at building versus buying a three axis PCB-based positioning motion controller. We will examine the design effort, types of resources needed, and per unit cost for each approach. In addition, we will look at a design alternative that some engineers believe represents the best of both worlds, a hybrid “blend" option that uses off-the-shelf modules to dramatically reduce the engineering needed to create a fully custom motion controller.

  • New Single Axis Motion Control IC Provides Profile Generation, Servo Control, and Advanced Current Control
    The Magellan® MC58113 Series of Motion Control ICs are complete, single axis, IC-based motion controllers. They provide trajectory generation, programmable breakpoints, advanced performance trace, and many other motion control functions. Whether used for laboratory automation, pump control, mobile robotics, pointing systems, or general-purpose automation, MC58113 ICs are the ideal solution for your next machine design.

  • Advanced Digital Current Loop Quiets Step Motor Noise
    Conventional step motor “current chopper” drives often result in a large amount of noise, needless motor heating, and excess current consumption. Digital current loops by comparison can result in significantly quieter and lower temperature operation. This article compares these two amplifier control techniques and details how a digital current loop can result in quieter, faster, and cooler step motor operation in many performance sensitive applications.

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