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Precision Fluid Handling, Motion Control for Healthcare Robotics, and More

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The February 2024 edition of Motion Control News includes the most recent PMD news, resources, and announcements.

In this edition of Motion Control News:

  • Precision Fluid Handling: It's All in the Pump
    Pumps that move liquid precisely are at the heart of a broad array of patient treatment devices and laboratory automation. The first part of our Precision Fluid Handling series will outline the keys to machine design success. You’ll get an understanding of what type of fluid pumps will work best in your motion control application, and what type of motion control techniques will give you the fluid pumping accuracy that you need.

  • Motion Control for Healthcare Robotics Applications
    Healthcare robotics share many areas of technical commonality with electrically powered medical devices. A key difference, however, is that for all robotics systems, motion and movement in the physical world is expected. In this on-demand video, viewers will learn about the leading functional requirements and critical capabilities of motion control solutions for healthcare robotics applications.

  • Have you met our popular single-axis MC58113 motion control IC?
    The Magellan® MC58113 Series of Motion Control ICs are complete single axis motion controllers. They provide trajectory generation, programmable breakpoints, advanced performance trace, and many other motion control functions. Whether used for laboratory automation, pump control, mobile robotics, pointing systems, or general-purpose automation, MC58113 ICs are the ideal solution for your next machine design.

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