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New PMD Distributor For Turkey

~ Performance Motion Devices


Westford, MA – May 6, 2019 -- Performance Motion Devices, Inc. (PMD) announced today the signing of a new partnership agreement with IMCA for distribution of PMD's motion control products in Turkey. Through this agreement, PMD further expands its support of customers who want to develop laboratory, medical, and industrial automation applications using state-of-the-art motion control technology.

imca_logo_2019_@2xAs a world leader in motion control, PMD has captured global attention by offering fully software compatible motion control ICs, modules, and boards. PMD's motto, Motion Control At Its Core, reflects its uniquely powerful strategy of placing motion control ICs at the core of all of its products so that they speak one common motion language.

IMCA was established in Istanbul in 2002 and is a leading provider of motion control and automation in Turkey. In 2013, IMCA opened a second office in Ankara and today counts 46 members, including 28 engineers. With almost 20 brands in its line card, IMCA provides customers with high-performance and high-quality products as well as turn-key solutions.

“Turkey is an important user of motion control technology and has seen significant growth in that sector over the last ten years through industries such as textiles and transportation (railway and aerospace),” says Stefano Molaschi, Head of Global Channel. “PMD is delighted to establish a partnership with IMCA to help bring PMD's world leading motion control solutions to the Turkish market.”

“For several years we have recognized PMD's strong position in motion control technology, particularly their IC level products,” writes Cemal Alpay, Managing Director of IMCA. "We are pleased to add PMD to our present line of high-quality products and look forward to working with them to expand the community of users of advanced motion control technology in Turkey."

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