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Atlas Digital Amplifier Complete Technical Reference

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This manual provides a description of the electrical and mechanical specifications for the Atlas Digital Amplifiers, along with a summary of its operational features.

Atlas Digital Amplifiers are single-axis amplifiers that provide high performance torque control of brushless DC, step motor, and DC Brush motors. They accept digital torque commands from an external source and are used directly for motor torque control applications, or in conjunction with higher level controllers for velocity or positioning applications. Their very compact size and range of power output levels make them an ideal solution for single-card machine controllers that require high performance in a small envelope.

Atlas digital amplifiers provide many advanced control features including user-programmable gain parameters, performance trace, field oriented control, and I2t current management. Atlas amplifiers are powered from a single supply voltage, and provide automatic protection from overcurrent, undervoltage, overvoltage, overtemperature, and short circuit faults.

The Atlas digital amplifier family has been designed to work seamlessly with PMD’s Magellan family of motion control ICs. Alternatively, they can be used with dedicated FPGAs, digital signal processors, or general purpose microprocessors. Communication to/from Atlas amplifiers is via SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) using a simple, packet-oriented protocol. For step motors, in addition to the SPI format a dedicated pulse & direction input mode is provided.

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