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ION Digital Drive User Manual

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The ION Digital Drives are a family of single-axis motion controllers with integrated power electronics and network communications. Various models are available to drive DC brush, brushless DC, and step motors. In addition, two overall power levels are available: The ION 500, providing up to 500 watts of power output, and the ION 3000, providing up to 3,000 watts of power output.

ION digital drives are based on PMD’s Magellan Motion Control IC technology and perform profile generation, encoder position feedback, position servo compensation, step motor stall detection, brushless DC motor commutation, microstep generation, digital current/torque control, and more. Network communications options include Ethernet, CANbus, RS485, and RS232.

All members of the ION family have integrated, high-power drive stages which fully protect from overcurrent, undervoltage, overvoltage, overtemperature, and short-circuit faults. In addition to extensive motion I/O capability, ION also features Auxiliary Encoder inputs and dedicated Enable input and Fault output safety interlocks.

In addition to various configurations of motor type and power level, the ION family is split into two functional versions. The standard IONs provide network connectivity, profile generation, and torque control. The CME IONs provide the additional capability of an internal C-Motion Engine, allowing user code to reside inside the ION. In addition, CME IONs provide an indexer connector for enhanced I/O.

This manual describes the features and functions of the CME ION Digital Drives. For information on the standard versions of the ION, refer to the ION Digital Drive User Manual. For more information on the Magellan Motion Control IC and its software command set, refer to the Magellan Motion Control IC User Guide and the Magellan Motion Control IC Programming Reference.

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