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DK78113 Developer Kit User Manual

~ Performance Motion Devices

The Juno Family of ICs provides advanced velocity and torque control for brushless DC, DC brush, and step motors. Available as a single, one-axis IC, Juno ICs provide full four-quadrant motion control, direct quadrature encoder input, profile generation, field-oriented control (FOC), and much more. Juno ICs are targeted for medical, scientific, industrial, and robotic applications that need to minimize motor noise, vibration, and power consumption.

The PMD DK78113 Developer Kit is an integrated board/software package that serves as an electrical and software design tool for building systems that use 64-pin TQFP Juno Velocity & Torque Control ICs.

Juno Developer Kit versions share the same physical DK78113 board. They differ in the specific type of 64-pin Juno IC chip that is installed on the board.

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