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Juno Velocity & Torque Control IC Programming Reference

~ Performance Motion Devices

This guide describes the programming interfaces to the MC78113, MC71113, MC73113, MC74113, MC74113N, MC75113, MC75113N, MC71112, MC71112N, MC73112, and MC73112N ICs from Performance Motion Devices, Inc. These devices comprise PMD’s Juno Velocity & Torque Control IC family.

The Juno ICs provide high performance velocity and current control for Brushless DC, DC Brush, and step motors. They are ideal for a wide range of applications including precision liquid pumping, laboratory automation, scientific automation, flow rate control, pressure control, high speed spindle control, and many other robotic, scientific, and industrial applications.

Juno provides full four quadrant motor control and directly inputs quadrature encoder, index, and Hall sensor signals. It interfaces to external bridge-type switching amplifiers utilizing PMD’s proprietary current and switch signal technology for ultra smooth, ultra quiet motor operation.

Juno ICs can be pre-configured via NVRAM for auto power-up initialization and standalone operation with SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface), direct analog input, or pulse & direction command input. Alternatively Juno can interface via SPI, point-to-point serial, multi-drop serial, or CANbus to a host microprocessor.

Internal profile generation provides acceleration and deceleration to a commanded velocity with 32-bit precision. Additional Juno features include performance trace, programmable event actions, FOC (field oriented control), microstep signal generation, and external shunt resistor control.

All Juno ICs are available in 64-pin TQFPs (Thin Quad Flat Packages) measuring 12.0 mm x 12.0 mm including leads. The MC74113 and MC75113 step motor control ICs and torque control ICs are also available in 56-pin VQFN (Very thin Quad Flat Non-leaded) packages measuring 7.2 mm x 7.2 mm. These VQFN parts are denoted via a “N” suffix in the part number; MC74113N, MC75113N, MC71112, and MC73112N.

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