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Magellan Developer Kit User Manual

~ Motion Control Expert

The PMD Magellan Motion Processor Developer’s Kit is an integrated board/software package that serves as an electrical and software design tool for building Magellan-based systems.

Developer’s Kit versions share the same physical PC card as well as the same software CD. They differ in the specific type of chip that is installed in the motion card. To build a complete control system the DK card is combined with one or more motion axis amplifiers. For MC58000 developer’s kits (DK58420, DK58110), PMD’s Atlas Digital Amplifiers are directly supported via a plug-in connector. Alternatively, connectors are provided to integrate other off-the-shelf amplifiers, or user-built amplifier circuitry.

Because the installed chip for each Developer’s Kit version supports the maximum number of axes allowed, it can be used to develop systems based on chipsets with fewer axes simply by disabling the unused axes. Alternatively, it is possible to have the Developer’s Kit shipped with a different chipset from the same family version (with one, two, or three axes). Contact your PMD representative for details.

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