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MC55000 Electrical Specifications

~ Motion Control Expert

This manual describes the operational characteristics of the MC55000 Series Motion Processors from PMD. These devices are members of PMD’s third-generation motion processor family.

Each of these devices is a complete chip-based motion processor. They provide trajectory generation and related motion control functions. Depending on the type of motor controlled, they provide servo-loop closure, on-board commutation for brushless motors, and high-speed pulse and direction outputs. Together, these products provide a software-compatible family of dedicated motion processors which can handle a large variety of system configurations. Each of these chips utilizes a similar architecture, consisting of a high-speed computation unit, along with an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). The computation unit contains special on-board hardware which makes it well suited for the task of motion control.

Having similar hardware architecture enables the MC55000 family of chips to share most software commands, so that software written for one series may be re-used with another; even though the type of motor may be different.

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