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Robotics and adaptive automation is a fast-moving field requiring the very latest in motion control technology solutions. Mobile and airborne systems require ultra-low power operation from motion ICs and motor drives, while automated factory applications demand advanced path planning, data gathering, and choice of communication protocols.

Performance Motion Devices answers the call for advanced robotics and automation solutions with state-of-the-art torque control and positioning ICs that helps you squeeze the most out of your system's Brushless DC, DC Brush, and Step motors. Our industry-leading motion trace features allow you to analyze and optimize from the ground up and beyond—from the torque motion profile used to control each wheel all the way to the health and utilization of the entire robot fleet.

Performance Motion Devices has the motion control components and software you need to design and build your robotic system faster, with more performance, and at a lower cost. We understand your challenges and offer a range of easy-to-deploy motion control solutions, such as integrated circuits (ICs), digital drives, digital amplifiers, and motion control boards that will meet your application requirements and help you outcompete the other guys.


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Automation and Robotics Motion Control

Robotics demands compact, low power solutions that can be brought to market quickly

All of PMD's products are available in Developer Kit form, helping you get going quickly and easily. Pro-Motion, PMD's powerful motor setup and motion analysis tool has helped thousands of companies build their new products faster, with higher performance, and greater motion stability than they thought possible. C-Motion is PMD's common motion language that eliminates two-letter codes and provides easy to read commands and full axis virtualization.

“The designs are simple and straightforward... that’s an important piece of information for someone that doesn’t have a history with PMD.”

~ Steve, PerkinElmer, Waltham MA

Make the most of your machine and robotics design projects

Outer Loop Control

New Motor Control IC Integrates Outer Loop And Velocity Loop Functions

Juno MC71113, MC73113, and MC78113 ICs integrate a high-speed outer loop control function with a velocity control function for 3-phase Brushless DC and DC Brush motors.

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Low Cost Servo Motor Control

New Control Technique Combines Servo Performance With Step Motor Cost

When it comes to step motors, a new drive technique called stepper servo has some engineers believing they have found the holy grail of positioning motion control - the high performance of a servo motor with the low cost of a step motor.

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Solve Step Motor Control

Step Motor Noise - Part of a Series On Common Motion Control Problems

Step motors are known to be noisy and tend to vibrate when moving. This deep dive explains how you can reduce, and in some cases eliminate, step motor noise & vibration problems.

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Motion Control for Camera Operation

Pan and Tilt Cameras and Advanced Motion Control

Pan and tilt systems used in today's robotics applications must move fast, smooth, and accurately. This solution note explains how an advanced off-the-shelf motion solution maintains a path to a lower cost custom solution.

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Get Motion Control Solutions To Market

Get to Market Faster, and Stay There Using Advanced Motion Control Solutions

Do you need to develop off-the-shelf or custom multi-axis motion control solutions for Brushless DC, DC Brush, and step motors? Our ICs and boards come with easy-to-use development tools that help get your motor running in hours not days.

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Torque Motor Control

New Low Cost Torque Control ICs Provide Field Oriented Control

The MC73112, MC73112N, MC71112, and MC71112N from PMD are new ICs that provide torque control of 3-phase Brushless DC and DC Brush motors with advanced features such as FOC, shunt regulation, PWM signal generation, and more.

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