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CAM Profiling

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CAM profiling is a general purpose motion technique utilizing a pre-stored look-up table of desired positions driven by an incoming command encoder datastream. CAMs are especially useful for encoding profiles which don’t follow a standard envelop such as a trapezoidal or parabolic profile. While originally used just to replicate mechanical rotating CAMs, electronic CAM profiling has grown to provide an array of profile generation and position compensation functions.

In this Motion Application:

  • Explore Design Considerations & Techniques
    Basic CAM profiling uses an incoming encoder stream to create the lookup index for a table of pre-stored command positions. Many CAMs are encoded in a rotating frame with the last lookup value wrapping around to the first. The encoded values are usually interpreted as desired absolute command positions, but can also be interpreted as relative moves if so specified. The encoded table generally provides linear or spline interpolation between points to smooth the output commanded profile and to reduce the number of stored points needed.

  • Examine Application Architecture
    A diagram shows the control flow for PMD’s table-based (CAM Profile) system known as User Defined Profile Mode (UDPM). UDPM is a sophisticated system supporting basic as well as advanced CAM functions and is supported in special versions of PMD’s Magellan-based IC, module, and board products. 

  • View Motion Control Solutions
    Since 1994 Performance Motion Devices products have been used in a wide array of applications utilizing CAM profiling and related compensation techniques including 3-D printing, precision optics, glass manufacturing, key cutting, semiconductor robotics, microscopy focusing, and more. Our Magellan Motion Control ICs, ION Drives, and Prodigy Motion Control Boards all provide the vital motion control technologies you need to successfully build your next CAM profiling application.

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