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Special Report — Robots in Motion: Innovations Move Forward

~ Robotics Business Review

As more robots are deployed in factories, warehouses, and across new industries, finding ways to get them to move faster and correctly challenges both researchers and the robotics components creators. In this special Robotics Business Review report, we will give you highlights of the latest information around robotic motion, controls, motors, precision, as well as how innovations in robot designs are driving the market for servo drives and motors. While they’ve always been important, motion control, servo drives and related components are becoming even more integral for robotics than ever before, as customers want robots that can do more work with robotic arms, or mobile robots that can deliver from place to place with even heavier loads.

The idea is to have the robots do more so humans will have to do less, alleviating humans of repetitive stress issues and traversing 10 or more miles a day in a warehouse. Beyond relieving humans of the much of the physical work, robots in motion are a necessity in today’s growing e-commerce world:

  • The robots can move faster and with more precision than humans – critical to meet the demands of a supply chain demanding faster deliveries.
  • With unemployment near historic lows, there simply aren’t enough humans to meet the demands in e-commerce and other industries.

In this special report, Robots in Motion: Innovations Move Forward, Phil Britt explains why new robot designs are making motors and controllers smaller and more innovative.