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Advanced Motion Control of Servo and Step Motors

~ Motion Expert


Today’s equipment manufacturers are constantly challenged with finding cost-effective ways to deliver high-performance machines but leveraging the advanced motion control that servo motors deliver can come at a cost. Listen as Prabh Gowrisankaran, VP of Engineering and Strategy, Performance Motion Devices, and Ty Safreno, CEO and CTO, Trust Automation, Inc., discuss how you can use two design techniques — current, and closed-loop — to achieve advanced motor control. You’ll also hear more about a new, innovative motion control technique that will achieve servo motor performance at a step motor cost. Take your machine design to the next level of performance.

Key takeaways:
  • Implementation techniques and benefits of current and closed loop control
  • Small motors are getting more and more powerful thanks to advances in hardware and software
  • A new technique coined "Stepper Servo" brings servo level performance to low cost step motors

This is a webinar you won't want to miss! Enjoy the on-demand webinar below:

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