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The Role of Miniaturization in Space and Defense Applications

~ Motion Expert

“Make it faster, better, and cheaper” was the old NASA mantra. Now, “smaller, lighter, and cheaper” is the new design paradigm for space agencies, defense organizations, and private contractors. Half-ton satellites the size of a short bus are the exception rather than the rule. Feverish development focuses on small satellites, microsatellites, and swarms of nano satellites. All miniaturized.

Space development has shifted to miniaturized electronics, sensors, even electromechanical motion hardware. The benefits of miniaturization are not limited to space. Unmanned aerial vehicles and even ground-based vehicles are benefiting from tiny technologies. Listen to this presentation by Kristin Lewotsky, with insight from PMD and Texas Instruments, to discover the latest techniques for miniaturization, key use cases, and how to apply them to your own designs.

Play the on-demand webinar and learn:

  • How the new “smaller, lighter, cheaper” paradigm is critical
  • Technologies that support miniaturization
  • How to get tiny through pace and defense use cases
  • Industries that love tiny: Beyond space miniaturization

This webinar was hosted by Design News, presented by Kristin Lewotsky, and sponsored by Performance Motion Devices, Inc.

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