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3D printing has turned the concept of manufacturing on its head. Offering more cost-effective, more flexible, and higher throughout solutions seemingly every day, additive manufacturing is impacting fields from medical technology, space exploration, and food, to music, building, and fashion.

Performance Motion Devices has been involved in the 3D printing revolution from the start, counting as its OEM clients some of the largest and best known 3D printing equipment companies in the world. 3D printing manufacturers rely on PMD's experience in motion profiling, torque control, advanced servo compensation schemes, data trace, and field-oriented control (FOC) for maximum throughput and maximum reliability.

Performance Motion Devices has the motion control components and software you need to design and build your 3-D printing system faster, with more performance, and at a lower cost. We understand your challenges and offer a range of easy-to-deploy motion control solutions, such as integrated circuits (ICs), digital drives, digital amplifiers, and motion control boards that will meet your application requirements and help you outcompete the other guys.


Wondering how to control motion for a 3D printing system you want to create?

Contact us and tell us about it. We'd love to explore how our custom or turn-key ICs, modules, and boards, can best meet your 3D Printer design challenge.

3D Motion Control

Fast, synchronized contouring of servo or step motors

Our multi-axis motion controls ICs make synchronization between axes a snap. Ask us about custom versions of our IC products that provide continuous path generation and cross-linked servo compensation terms for ultra-precise XYZ path control. PMD's single-axis ICs such as the MC58113 provide a hardware synch signal, making it possible to use these products for coordinated multi-axis applications as well.

"PMD Corp. has… allowed us to build and expand into the midlevel of the 3D printing marketplace."

~ Senior Software Engineer, Commercial 3D Printer Manufacturer

Make the most of your machine and robotics design projects

Servo Motor Tuning

Servo Motor Tuning – Rocket Science or Walk In the Park?

This paper provides an overview of PID (proportional, integral, derivative) based servo motor tuning, and introduces two manual tuning methods. 


New Motion Board Integrates Amplifiers and Synchronized Contouring

New Prodigy motion control boards with pre-installed UDPM provide amplifier and synchronized contouring for DC Brush, Brushless DC, and step motor applications.

S-Curve Motion Profiles

S-Curve Motion Profiles - Vital For Optimizing Machine Performance

In addition to providing smoother motion, S-curve motion profiles improve point to point transfer speeds by letting you tune the profile to the load. Learn how to achieve smoother motion using S-curve profiles which a vital tool for improving point to point transfer speeds.

Mathematics of Motion Profiles

Mathematics of Motion Control Profiles

Learn about which motion profiles work best for which applications, and how modest changes in the profile parameter settings can create big improvements in throughput.

Miniaturization of Machine Designs

Motion Control Goes Small

Machine designers are often asked to build systems that take up less space and operate on less power. Read about new developments in motors, sensors, and architectures.

Fix Step Motor Noise

Step Motor Noise and How To Fix It

Step motors are known to be noisy and tend to vibrate when moving. This deep dive explains how you can reduce, and in some cases eliminate, step motor noise & vibration problems.

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