Lab Automation and Healthcare

Depend on Performance Motion Devices for Safety and Stability

From surgical tools and heart assist pumps to imaging systems and lab automation, and beyond, motion control applications in lab automation and healthcare demand ultra-high levels of safety, stability, reliability, and long-term availability of electronic components.

At the delicate juncture of human health and technology, Performance Motion Devices helps OEMs and robotic engineers meet stringent industry requirements and attain long-term product success. What's more, using our suite of motion control products, including ICs, digital amplifiers and drives, motor control boards, and developer kits, will get your motion control solutions to market faster.

Wondering how to best control motion for a lab automation system you are designing? Contact us and tell us about it. We'd love to explore how we can help.

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Integrated Circuits for Precise Step Motor Control and Safety

Juno Integrated Circuits (ICs) ideal for machine designs with limited space that require controlled noise, vibration and power consumption.

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Laser Eye Surgery

Surgical Tools

At the juncture of human health and technology is advanced motion control powered by Performance Motion Devices.

Liquid Handling

Imaging Systems

Blood Analyzers

Performance Motion Devices technology is a core component of FDA-approved equipment manufactured by leading lab automation and healthcare industry OEMs.


We use digital checksum functionality in the motion control between our integrated circuits (ICs) and digital amplifiers. Our inherently safe interfaces prevent lab and medical devices from careening out of control in response to invalid or random inputs – a danger that traditional analog amplifier-equipped systems cannot guard against.

Performance Motion Devices was recently recognizes as a Top 20 Medical Devices Design & Solutions Provider.

"Relying onPerformance Motion Devices hardware and motion expertise …  We designed a lower-cost and more powerful motion controller for our holmium laser-based system used in vision correction."

~ Satish Herekar, Engineering Program Manager 
Sunrise Technologies, Fremont, CA