Safety and Stability

Drive Your Healthcare Equipment to The Next Level Of Performance, Safety, and Stability

From blood analyzers and heart assist pumps to imaging systems and DNA sequencers and beyond, motion control applications in healthcare demand, not just state of the art motion control performance, but also high levels of safety, stability, reliability, and long-term availability of electronic components.

At the delicate juncture of human health and technology, PMD helps OEMs and robotic engineers meet stringent industry requirements and attain long-term product success. And don't forget that our broad range of motion control products, including ICs, digital amplifiers, digital drives, and boards, will get your next design project to market faster.


Wondering how to best control motion for a lab automation system you are designing?

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PMD is a core component of FDA-approved equipment in more than half of the world's largest lab automation manufacturers.

We use digital checksum functionality to construct inherently safe interfaces that prevent lab and medical devices from careening out of control in response to invalid or random inputs – a danger that traditional analog amplifier-equipped systems cannot guard against.


"Relying on performance Motion Devices hardware and motion expertise …  We designed a lower-cost and more powerful motion controller for our holmium laser-based system used in vision correction."

~ Satish, Engineering Program Manager , Sunrise Technologies, Fremont, CA

ISO 13485 Certified

PMD Is Now ISO 13485 Certified!

In July of 2020 PMD received ISO 13485:2016 certification for all its facilities, both US-based and international. With this certification PMD demonstrates its ongoing commitment to deliver the very highest quality motion control products to its life science and medical device equipment customers.


Make the most of your machine and robotics design projects

Miniature Medical Devices

Miniature Medical DevicesConnected Health: The Miniaturization of Medical - Part 2

Listen in as machine design experts examined the phenomenon of medical miniaturization and looked at the components and methodologies that enable a new breed of products.


Precision Fluid Handling

Precision Fluid Handling, Part II: Optimizing Lab Automation Mechanics

Pumping liquid is at the core of many lab automation systems. This paper details motion control techniques used to pump fluids precisely and accurately into various containers such as test tubes, cuvettes, and slides.

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Identify, Treat, Prevent Covid-19

PMD Customers Respond to Covid-19 Crisis

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has put many of the products built by PMD's customers on the front line of the response. See what solutions our customers are building to identify, treat, and prevent the spread of this devastating virus.

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Liquid Handling Robot

Improve Liquid Handling Robot Throughput with Direct Path Planning

Understand how to implement a high-speed motion system on a Liquid Handling gantry that is aware of system clearances so that it can start an X/Y move, while a Z-axis move is still ongoing. Improve move times by 25% over conventional coordinated moves.

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Step Motor Noise

Step Motor Noise and How To Fix It

Step motors are known to be noisy and tend to vibrate when moving. This deep dive, which is part of common motion problems series, explains how you can reduce, and in some cases eliminate, step motor noise & vibration problems.

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Precision Fluid Pumping

Precision Fluid Handling, Part I: It's All In The Pump

Pumps that move liquid precisely are at the heart of a broad array of healthcare devices. Get an understanding of what type of fluid pumps will work, and what type of motion control techniques will give you the fluid pumping accuracy that you need.

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