Take Control of Your Life Sciences Automation and Robotics Equipment

Take Control of Your Life Sciences Automation and Robotics Equipment

Hospital and research labs are demanding environments. Automated fluid delivery and liquid handling systems require very high levels of precision. Mission-critical equipment such as centrifuges, peristaltic pumps, and die injectors demand accurate velocity control, smooth and efficient motor control, and ultra-precise positioning.

Performance Motion Devices' line of motion control ICs, digital amplifiers, digital drives, and boards are the result of more than twenty years of motion control experience and know-how. They provide all the technical features you need for meeting your Life Science product performance objectives and delivering products on time.

PMD has vast experience with a wide array of life science applications including precision fluid pumping and handling, centrifuges, blood analyzers, medical sample delivery, drug infusion, stent control, and many other applications. Our technology is a core component of FDA-approved lab equipment manufactured by life sciences OEMs the world over.


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A core component of FDA-approved lab equipment

A core component of FDA-approved lab equipment

Our high-performance motion control solutions are built for the most demanding robotics and lab automation applications. Developer Kits start as low as $395 and promote concurrent hardware and software development so you can reduce NRE costs and get to market faster. Learn more about our motion control Developer Kits.

“We were able to bring their systems up pretty quickly, speed to prototype. And then, obviously, the quality of the motion … [was] second to none.”

~ Senior Engineering Manager of a Surgical and Medical Instrument OEM

ISO 13485 Certified

PMD Is Now ISO 13485 Certified!

In July of 2020 PMD received ISO 13485:2016 certification for all its facilities, both US-based and international. With this certification, PMD demonstrates its ongoing commitment to deliver the very highest quality motion control products to its life science and medical device equipment customers.


Make the most of your machine and robotics design projects

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Outer Loop Control ICs

New Motor Control IC Integrates Outer Loop And Velocity Loop Functions

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Precision Liquid Handling

Precision Fluid Handling: It's All In The Pump

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Covid 19 Response

PMD Products Essential In COVID-19 Battle

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has put many of the products built by PMD's customers on the front line of the response. See what solutions our customers are building to identify, treat, and prevent the spread of this devastating virus.

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