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Take Control of Your Life Sciences Automation and Robotics Equipment

Hospital and research labs are demanding environments. Automated fluid delivery and liquid handling systems require incredible levels of precision and motion control. And centrifuges demand very high rotation speeds, smoothness, and positioning ability for receiving and delivering samples.

Performance Motion Devices' full-line of motion control ICs deliver the ability to control ramp up and, more importantly, ramp down rates that will prevent disturbance of centrifuge samples. Our motion control ICs are well-suited for pipetting applications – for withdrawing and delivering precise amounts of liquids.

PMD Corp. has vast experience with precision fluid pumping and handling, centrifuges, blood analyzers, medical sample delivery, and other life sciences applications. And our technology is a core component of FDA-approved lab equipment manufactured by life sciences OEMs worldwide.

Wondering how to control motion for a life sciences application you want to create? Contact us and tell us about you next motion control project. We'd love to explore how we can help.

Lab Automation Control

DNA Sample Handling

Our solutions are well-suited for life sciences applications that require precision motion control.

Blood Analyzers


Liquid Handling

A core component of FDA-approved lab equipment.

Our high-performance motion control solutions are built for the most demanding robotics and lab automation applications. Meet Magellan and Juno.

“We were able to bring their systems up pretty quickly, speed to prototype. And then, obviously, the quality of the motion … [was] second to none.”

- Senior Engineering Manager of a Surgical and Medical Instrument OEM