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The ongoing demands for speed, flexibility, and cost reduction shape the design of today’s automated packaging equipment. Advanced servo controllers, multi-axis synchronization, and adaptive CAM profile features have allowed machine designers to create advanced motion control solutions that efficiently handle these demanding requirements.

Performance Motion Devices has the motion control components and software you need to design and build your packaging equipment faster, with more performance, and at a lower cost. We understand your challenges and offer a range of easy-to-deploy motion control solutions, such as integrated circuits (ICs), digital drives, digital amplifiers, and motion control boards that will meet your application requirements and help you outcompete the other guys.


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Deliver packaging equipment that is flexible and efficient

Deliver packaging equipment that is flexible and efficient

Our high-performance motion control products are ideal for the most demanding packaging systems. Their small size is great for tight footprints, and they can manage complicated command sequences that allow you to build state of the art packaging solutions.

Relying on PMD Corp. we designed a lower-cost, more powerful motion controller…”

~ Engineering Program Manager

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Improve Automated Packaging

Three widely used motion control techniques in automated packaging include web tension control, proportional material spacing, and CAM-based profiling.

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Packaging Automation Deep Dive

Get a closer look at automated packaging machines that dispense, seal, and label, and improve the packaging process using motion control best practices.

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Improve Liquid Pumping with Optimized Feedback

See the differences in delivered liquid volume with and without an adaptive control system. Learn how to achieve higher accuracy through optimized feedback loops.

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