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The ongoing demands for speed, flexibility, and cost reduction shape the design of today’s automated packaging equipment. Advanced servo controllers, multi-axis synchronization, and adaptive CAM profile features have allowed machine designers to create advanced motion control solutions that efficiently handle these demanding requirements.

Performance Motion Devices, an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified company, has the motion control components and software you need to design and build your packaging equipment faster, with more performance, and at a lower cost. We understand your challenges and offer a range of easy-to-deploy motion control solutions, such as integrated circuits (ICs), digital drives, digital amplifiers, and motion control boards that will meet your application requirements and help you outcompete the other guys.


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Deliver packaging equipment that is flexible and efficient

Deliver packaging equipment that is flexible and efficient

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 CERTIFIED

Our high-performance motion control products are ideal for the most demanding packaging systems. Their small size is great for tight footprints, and they can manage complicated command sequences that allow you to build state of the art packaging solutions.

PMD has been a pioneer in the development of motion control technology. What does this legacy of innovation mean to you? It means your motors will spin quietly and efficiently, it means your point-to-point moves will be incredibly fast, and it means your motion solutions can be remarkably compact.

Relying on PMD Corp. we designed a lower-cost, more powerful motion controller…”

~ Engineering Program Manager

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Multi-Axis Motion Control Chips

Multi-Axis Motion Control Chipset Provides Profile Generation and More

Our Magellan MC58000 and MC55000 ICs provide advanced motion control for medical, industrial, and robotic applications. Available in 1-4 axes versions, these flexible, programmable devices control servo and step motors.

New Motion Control Applications

Closed Loop Steppers Drive New Motion Control Applications

This paper discusses an advanced control technique called closed loop stepper. This motion control technique is finding wide adoption in a range of cost-sensitive industrial applications.

Automated Packaging Machine

Techniques That Improve Automated Packaging Equipment Performance

Learn about three critically important motion control techniques that improve the performance of automated packaging equipment: Web tension control, proportional material spacing, and CAM-based profiling.

New Motion Board

New Motion Board Integrates Amplifiers and Synchronized Contouring

New Prodigy motion control boards with pre-installed UDPM are newly released motion control boards that provide high-performance control of DC Brush, Brushless DC, and step motors. They are ideal for high precision, high-speed positioning motion control applications.

Automation and Motion Control

Engineering Packaging Machinery that Delivers Advanced Automation and Motion Control

This webinar explores the latest advances in motors, encoders, ICs, and other motion control solutions designed to enable tomorrow’s packaging advancements.

Pick and Place Machine

Achieve Distributed Motion Control in a Modular Pick and Place Machine

This use case explains how you can create a high-performance motion control solution that simplifies programming, provides fast pick and place transfers, and supports multiple motor types.

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