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Liquid Handling, Prodigy Motion Boards, Life Sciences, Magellan, Atlas, Digital Drives, Juno Family of ICs

Precision Fluid Handling: Optimizing Lab Automation Mechanics

Liquid Handling, Life Sciences, Atlas, Digital Drives, Juno Family of ICs, Pro-Motion, MC58113

Precision Fluid Handling: It's All In The Pump

Advanced Motion Control, Step Motors, Servo Motors and Drives, ION, Juno Family of ICs, MC58113

New Control Technique Combines Servo Performance With Step Motor Cost

Motion Control Techniques, Step Motors, Motion Profiles

Mathematics of Motion Control Profiles

This article will review the mathematics of motion profiles and help you understand which profiles work best for which applications. You'll gain valuable insights into how to tune your motion control profile for maximum performance.

Motion Control Techniques, Motor Setup, Motion Profiles

S-Curve Motion Profiles - Vital For Optimizing Machine Performance

S-curve motion profiles add “smoothing” segments to the traditional 3-phase trapezoidal profile (accelerate, coast, decelerate). Why is this better? The answer is beyond the motor, at the load itself.

Advanced Motion Control, Medical Device Equipment, Life Sciences, Motion Control Trends

Motion Control Technology Trends for Medical and Laboratory Applications

Advanced Motion Control, Motion Control Techniques, Packaging, Automated Packaging

Techniques That Improve Automated Packaging Equipment Performance

TENSIONING – GEARING - CAMMING - In this article we will review three widely used motion control techniques: web tension control, proportional material spacing, and CAM-based synchronized profiling.

Motion Control Techniques, Motor Setup, Motion Profiles, Motion Control Boards, Prodigy, Digital Amplifers, Atlas

Motion Controller Design Architectures - A Deep Dive

A detailed look at design choices for building a machine controller that provides precision motion control. This article addresses whether it is best to build or buy motion control hardware and software, and what aspects of your application are most important for determining the architecture of your machine controller.

Motion Control Techniques, Step Motors, Integrated Circuits (ICs), Magellan, Digital Amplifers, Atlas, Best Practices, Juno Family of ICs

Common Motion Problems and How to Fix Them - Part II

We continue with our deep dive series that gives you tools to diagnose common motion control problems and get your machine back on track!

Field Oriented Control (FOC), Step Motors, Servo Motors and Drives, Juno Family of ICs

Field Oriented Control (FOC) - A Deep Dive

Brushless DC, step, and DC brush motors are the three most commonly used motor types for positioning and velocity motion control applications. Of these, brushless DC and step motors are “multi-phase,” meaning they require some type of external coil excitation. Explore the most popular techniques for multi-phase motor control, including Field-oriented Control (FOC), and determine which techniques work best for various positioning and high-speed spinning applications.

Motion Control Techniques, Servo Motors and Drives, Best Practices

Common Motion Problems And How To Fix Them - Part III

We wrap up our deep dive series on how to diagnose common motion control problems and get your machine back on track!

Motion Control Techniques, Motion Profiles, Prodigy, ION, Velocity and Torque, Juno Family of ICs

Use Torque FeedForward to Get More From Your Motion Controller

Many motion applications require high accuracy both during, and at the end of, the move, but even if you are using perfectly optimized PID values to control position, the compensation loop is never perfect. You can improve motor performance by adding motion control elements outside of the PID loop. In this article, we will look at torque control and the related subject of torque FeedFoward, which will make your equipment run smoother, and deliver better accuracy.

Integrated Circuits (ICs), Digital Amplifers, ION, Atlas, Digital Drives, Best Practices

Selecting The Right Motion Control Amplifier

Get a detailed look at motion control amplifiers. Making the right design choice when selecting a motion control amplifier can have a big impact on your machine's cost and performance.

Advanced Motion Control, Field Oriented Control (FOC), Servo Motors and Drives, Motor Setup, ION

Mathematics of Electronic Motor Control

Several trends have been driving the use of sophisticated, complex motor control algorithms. The most important of these trends include the desire for lower energy consumption and the need for higher performance. Performance Motion Devices Founder Chuck Lewin addresses these trends and introduces the major techniques used to control multi-phase motors, both brushless DC and AC induction.

Advanced Motion Control, Motion Control Techniques

Motion Software - Part II