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Precision Fluid Handling: It's All In The Pump

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Closed Loop Steppers Drive New Motion Control Applications

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Robotics: Spring 2023 Edition

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Robotics in Automation: Working Arm-in-Arm with Humans

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Force Control in Actuators and Robot End Effectors

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Principles of Motor Selection

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Build vs Buy Of A Three Axis Motion Controller

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Digital Current Loop Significantly Quiets Step Motor Noise

Conventional step “current chopper” drives result in a large amount of step motor noise, needless motor heating, and consume more current. A digital current loop will result in significantly quieter and lower temperature motor operation which is beneficial in many applications. This article details how a digital current loop will result in a significantly quieter, faster running and lower temperature motor operation which is beneficial in many applications.

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Feedforward in Motion Control - Vital for Improving Positioning Accuracy

Many motion applications require high accuracy both during, and at the end of, the move, but even if you are using perfectly optimized PID values to control position, the compensation loop is never perfect. You can improve motor performance by adding motion control elements outside of the PID loop. In this article, we will look at torque control and the related subject of torque FeedFoward, which will make your equipment run smoother, and deliver better accuracy.

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New Control Technique Combines Servo Performance With Step Motor Cost

Is There Life without the PLC? Building a Better Embedded Controller

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Motion Kinematics

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Getting The Most Out Of Portable Medical Motion Control Applications

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Motion Control Goes Small

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Servo Motor Tuning – Rocket Science or Walk In the Park?

Is servo motor tuning rocket science or a walk in the park? You decide! This article offers an overview of proportional, integral, derivative (PID) based servo tuning, and two standard manual tuning methods that work well for a large variety of machine designs. It shows that optimal parameters vary with application and performance goals, even for the exact same motor and amplifier setup.