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Motion Control Techniques, Servo Motors and Drives, Precision Motion Control, Motion Profiles, Magellan

Motion Control ICs Make Their Move

Learn about the significant cost savings that can result from integrating separate motion control functions together. Understand the recent developments in motion ICs that have made new architectures possible.

Motion Control Techniques, Automation and Robotics, Precision Motion Control

Motion Control Architectures

Examine trends and review the four major motion control architectures in use today. Two of these can be traced back to earlier motion control approaches, and two are more recent additions.

Motion Control Techniques, Servo Motors and Drives

Servo Motor Tuning - A Deep Dive

Is servo motor tuning rocket science or a walk in the park? You decide! This article offers an overview of proportional, integral, derivative (PID) based servo tuning, and two standard manual tuning methods that work well for a large variety of machine designs. It shows that optimal parameters vary with application and performance goals, even for the exact same motor and amplifier setup.

Motion Control Techniques, Best Practices

Motion Control Networks

The cost savings and flexibility offered by motion networks can be substantial. The key is knowing which solution will work best in your application.

Motion Control Techniques, Motion Profiles, ION, Encoders

Position Encoder Deep Dive: New Measurement Techniques Drive Data Formats

With positioning motion control applications, one position feedback device has been king of the hill for a long time - the incremental optical encoder with quadrature output. This article will look at other encoder types and the just-as-important subject of data formats that are used to carry and encode position information.

Motion Control Techniques, Digital Current Loop, Field Oriented Control (FOC), Step Motors, Best Practices

Common Motion Problems and How to Fix Them - Part I

Everyone who has worked in motion control has a war story, be it the machine that mysteriously stopped working or the motor that wouldn't stop vibrating. Fortunately, common problems often have common solutions.

Servo Motors and Drives, Servo Motors

Tuning Servo Motors

Get an overview of proportional, integral, derivative (PID) based servo loops. We’ll introduce two standard manual tuning methods that work well for a large variety of systems.

Motion Control Techniques, Step Motors, Integrated Circuits (ICs), Magellan, Digital Amplifers, Atlas, Best Practices, Juno Family of ICs

Motoring to Success

Before selecting the best motor, or motors, for your design project, take time to understand what kind of positioning controls and functionality you need. In this article, Motoring to Success, we will look at the issues concerning the selection of the right type of motor controller for positioning control applications. The focus will be on understanding how these motors are controlled, and how the choice of the control techniques affects the system cost.

Motion Control Techniques, Magellan

Motion Performance Trace

The question facing the designer is: how do you go about making these improvements? How do you optimize the various motion controller variables such as profile parameters, servo gains, and commutation, to arrive at the best overall machine performance?

Motion Control Techniques, Motion Profiles

Techniques to Precisely Synchronize Motion Axes - A Deep Dive

Many motion applications require precise synchronization of one or more axes. Understand some of the important approaches toward motion synchronization and have some fun with a motion synchronization video from the PMD lab.